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Thinking of You. I used a flower punch to "make" the candle flames. Paper scraps are the candles. Thinking of you checkered card. how can you not feel better ! Handmade Greeting Cards This would be a good way to give someone a real charm on a necklace. Forget a box. Do it on a card! Unique handmade greeting cards and handmade stationery at gytha. com Below are frequenty asked questions about gytha. com's unique handmade greeting cards and stationery. Why send a handmade greeting card? The next time you need to send someone a greeting card, send them a unique handmade greeting card from gytha.

com. All of gytha’s greeting cards are handmade to show that extra special someone that you really care! Are handmade greeting cards and handmade stationery really worth it? We think so! We don’t think of our greeting cards and stationery as simply greeting cards and stationery, rather each and every greeting card and package of handmade stationery is seen as a handmade work-of-art. Here at gytha. com, we feel that when you send someone a greeting card, you are sending them an emotional piece of yourself.

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    What better way to tell someone you care by sending them a unique, handmade work of art!
    Gytha. com’s handmade greeting cards and stationery seem expensive… We believe our greeting cards and stationery are competitively priced.
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    If you walk into a greeting card store or pharmacy, you’ll find many of the mass-produced and somewhat impersonal greeting cards priced at $3 or $4 on average.
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    While our cards are $4. 95 on average, they are also completely handmade and signed by the artist.
    Our customers are constantly emailing us about the warm reception they get every time they send a unique handmade greeting card or package of handmade stationery from gytha.
    com! What’s the difference between a handmade greeting card and a greeting card I can buy in a greeting card store? If you really have to ask… While manufactured greeting cards are generally designed by artists, they are usually printed in mass quantities in large and cold impersonal factories usually oversees.
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    All of gytha. com’s greeting cards are handmade in the U.
    S. A.. Each card is then signed by the artist, and hand packaged and delivered to your doorstep. Do you make custom handmade greeting cards for businesses, corporations or individuals?
    Absolutely! We’ll be happy to talk to you about your personalized Christmas, holiday, birthday, anniversary, baby announcement, wedding or any other custom greeting card or announcement card.

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    Just send us an email or give us a call! What kind of greeting cards does gytha.
    com offer? Gytha. com offers handmade greeting cards in many flavors! We create greeting cards for birthday, friendship and love and sympathy.
    We also create handmade greeting cards for the major holidays including Chanukah, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
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    Of course, we also create handmade greeting cards for Graduation, new babies, thank you, housewarming and of course all around fun cards to just say hello!
    Are these handmade greeting cards safe to mail? Absolutely! Many of our handmade greeting cards are 3 dimensional and may include wire, glass beads or other materials.
    Because of their unique creative nature, these greeting cards tend to be slightly thicker than a traditional manufactured greeting card.