A rap song said to be written and performed by Martin Puccio came back to haunt him on Monday as a onetime inmate testified about the tune in Puccio's first-degree murder trial.

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"He made a rap about Bobby Kent," said Tom Strong, who met Puccio in the Broward County Jail shortly after Kent's July 1993 murder. "He told me he was the one who stabbed Bobby Kent, he ripped the knife up his stomach," Strong said. Prosecutor Tim Donnelly concluded his case on Monday and testimony for the defense is expected be completed this morning - possibly with Puccio telling his side of the story. Puccio, 21, is accused of killing Kent, 20, his best friend from boyhood in Hollywood, because Kent, always physically bigger, was too domineering and treated him badly.

Six other friends and acquaintances are accused of helping to plot and carry out the slaying. Two have pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and testified against Puccio during the trial. Four others await trial on first-degree-murder charges. Puccio's attorneys made a tactical error in questioning one of Puccio's fellow inmates on Monday, opening the door for portions of a previously inadmissible statement into the trial.

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