The 11 Hottest Haircuts Right Now: Hair Ideas: allure. com We love that celebrities have been taking hair risks lately—swapping their go-to styles for new shapes, textures, and lengths.

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Here, some of our favorites and how to get the looks. If there's any hair justice, Aniston's "lob"—or long bob—will end up being more imitated than the "Rachel. " "This is one of the new classics," says hairstylist Tommy Buckett of the Marie Robinson Salon. "It's chic and superflattering thanks to all the length in the front, and it can soften a strong jaw like Jen's or thin out a round face. " The term "lob" is hardly exact, so be clear about your desired length—or better yet, bring a photo to your salon appointment. Then reiterate a few points: "Ask for piecey layers that are longer in the front," says hairstylist Matt Fugate of the Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City.

"Make sure they start cutting around the face. That way, you can decide on an angle, and if you want to go shorter, you still have that option. " For a smooth look, run a styling lotion like The Differences Between Bob Haircuts | through damp hair, blow-dry with a round brush, and finish with a little pomade, such as The Differences Between Bob Haircuts | Click on the product you are looking for. Click on the words that apply. Click on the word that applies. Click on your biggest concerns.

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