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Pau Gasol and LeBron had better advanced numbers against Boston. Kobe had 23. 3 PER in the Finals if I've calculated correctly. A Game score of 18. 7 a game. He had a PER of just over 11 in Game 7, I believe. How can a 23. 3 PER possibly be considered "bad"? His Game 7 performance was the only one I'd consider truly "bad," but hey... he did grab 15 boards. Kobe wasn't ''bad'' in the finals. he shot the ball extremely bad last nite and that killed his fg %.

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    he did other things, like rebounding, setting up teammates and playing solid defense.
    he clearly deserved mvp, the lakers dont win this title without him... is time to give kobe the credit he deserves. top 10 player of all time I definitely don't think it's fair to say Kobe was "bad" in the Finals.
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    He didn't have a great offensive series, but it really wasn't horrific -- 25 P/36 on a 53 TS% is actually not that different from his regular-season numbers, and this was against one of the league's best defenses.
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    He also played legitimately great defense, and did a surprisingly good job on the boards.
    Watching last night, my initial reaction was that it was extremely unfair to give Kobe the Finals MVP after he very nearly shot his team out of the biggest game of the season.
    And it's true that for most of Game 7, the selfish Kobe we've all come to criticize showed up. But looking at the numbers for the series today, it's hard to make a case for him not winning Finals MVP honors.
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    As a stats guy, I usually come down against Kobe (and I still think he's nowhere near Michael Jordan or even LeBron James' level), but in this case I have to give credit where credit is due.
    Gasol had an eye-popping efficiency, but if you employ a trade-off and take him up to Kobe's usage level, plus factor in Kobe's defensive edge, Kobe deserved the MVP.
    Now, I think Gasol was obviously better last night, and without him they wouldn't have been champions -- period, no contest.

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    Artest also came up far bigger in the biggest game of the year.
    But in the entire series, I think Kobe earned the honor. And I have no idea who would have been MVP if Boston had won...
    Garnett, maybe? Per-minute he was their best, but he only played 32 MPG, which is problematic.
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    Then again, Pierce didn't have a particularly good series, Rondo was not himself (much credit to Kobe), and Allen did practically nothing outside of Game 2 (although he acquitted himself reasonably well defensively last night).
    Garnett would have to be the guy, unless you wanted to buck 40 years of history and give it to a guy on the losing team.
    Caleb - it's not "bad" compared to average players. It's just not even remotely close to Michael Jordan territory - aka the man Kobe is being compared to.