MEDINA: Sushi on the Roll is on a roll. Summit County has identified 4,870 vacant and abandoned residential properties throughout the county — with more than 70 percent in Akron.

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A statue of Jesus meant to bring comfort to visitors of Oakwood Cemetery was found face-down and broken over the weekend. ©2012 The Akron Beacon Journal • 44 E. With the Ohio. com and Monster alliance, now it's easier than ever to find and fill jobs in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Welcome to the Akron Beacon Journal Want to find customers online? The search stops Garage, Tag, Estate & Yard Sales - Akron Beacon Journal Classifieds. We can help you - Public Notices that's right for you. Advertise in the Akron Beacon Journal with a local, regional or national account. Majors/National Account Manager Cathy Kokkas 330.

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    Transport Chaplain Mitchell Holley says a prayer over patient Braylon Kennedy, 6, as Braylon’s mother, Jennifer, left, looks on.
    (Akron Beacon Journal/Mike Cardew) AKRON, Ohio -- As a medical helicopter rushes to help a child facing life or death, Mitchell Holley is there to keep everyone grounded.
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    While the nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists focus on saving young lives, Holley tends to the spiritual well-being of the patients, their parents and the medical experts who care for them.
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    For a 12-hour shift each week, the hospital chaplain dons his Akron Children's Hospital transport team jumpsuit and becomes an official part of the crew on Air Bear, the hospital's medical helicopter.
    Holley also joins the transport team on trips to bring critically ill and injured patients to Children's aboard the hospital's ambulances, which serve as mobile intensive-care units.
    Whether he travels by ground or air, Holley's role is the same. He's a calming presence -- someone who is there to talk, to listen, to assist and, if desired, to pray.
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    "This is really good care for the staff, patients and families," he said.
    "Even the people who don't have a faith group or religion, they're very open to me, knowing I'm there as a support.
    " On a recent afternoon, Holley comforted Jennifer Kennedy while Children's transport nurse Jayme Wiggins and respiratory therapist Melissa Massey prepared her son for the trip from Mercy Medical Center in Canton, N.

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    J. , to Children's. Braylon, 6, of Massillon, has made many trips to Children's for numerous medical problems.
    When he had a seizure at school, Braylon's mother quickly called his neurologist at Children's and met the ambulance at Mercy's emergency department.
    Her husband went to Akron, Ohio, to await Braylon's arrival. "It sounds like you're able to think very quickly, being able to call everyone," Holley said in admiration.
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    But standing next to her son in the hospital ER, she can't hold back her tears.
    She confided her fear to Holley: Did Braylon's seizures mean a shunt placed in his brain had malfunctioned? Holley knows the family.
    He'd seen them in the hospital during Braylon's previous visits. "You're a Christian, right? " he asked Braylon's mother.