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1968 sears snowblower


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Here are pictures of some machines from my archives, please forgive the quality on some. These are not Gilsons there is plenty about those machines elsewhere on the site. They are from past years and represent the diversity found in the early efforts. While today's designs are by far superior it may have been more fun back then. Also included is a segment about the confusion between Gilson and Gibson. Free Ariens Snow Blower User Manuals | a picture of your vintage snowblower and tell me a bit about it including it's age. I'll be featuring the oldest and most interesting machines on this page.

This page used to include the History of the Snowblower . An expanded version of that topic can now be found 1968 Sears Suburban ss12 Snowblowing.avi - YouTube NOTE: With the exception of my mentioned BobcaT I do not own any of the machines on this page. To see my machines click Dakota West 4x12 (Page 1). This is the Sno Mate. The photos I have of this brochure don't let me decipher the horsepower. The machine seems to be just an impeller, chute and a funnel. It is unclear whether it has propulsion.

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    The machine concept is very close to the I think its broke... - - The Friendliest ... used to clear railroads.
    Your patronage of these Amazon. com links helps support this site. This is something from Merry Tiller. It's hard to see what's down there in the snow but it's pretty obvious that it's based on a small frame roto-tiller.
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    If anyone has pictures of one of these babies send them along and I'll work them in. Speaking of roto tillers, here's one from ROTO-HOE.
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    It's a multi use machine shown with both the tiller and snowblower mounted.
    It is unclear if they could be powered concurrently, that's not important since it would be deadly! Roto Hoe was made by Pioneers of America Power Equipment in Ohio.
    This 1959 Toro SnoHound comes to us from Justin in New York state. These show up from time to time on Ebay, sometimes with multiple attachments!
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    This is a SNOWBOY from LawnBoy Circa late `1950's. As you would expect from LawnBoy it has a 2-cycle engine, the IRON HORSE two cycle engine.
    The gear box is heated and the exhaust is on to drive chain for lube and heat. It has a heated intake to melt snow and warm the air before entering the carburetor.
    The carburetor bowl comes off with two "L" bolts to dump water and it can be done with gloves on!

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    The discharge is fully directional. It's only controls are ON - OFF - CHOKE.
    In later years Gilson built machines for LawnBoy and ultimately LawnBoy bought Gilson.
    Here is an old Homco unit. It was built by Western Tool and Stamping of Des Moines, Iowa.
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    It's of the funnel and impeller design and a lot of these were sold and many are still in use.
    These had forward drive. The wheels were built up out of steel including the tread. Since winter engines were not available at the time there was a "breadbox" cover that sheltered the engine.
    Many of these were also sold under the Sears Craftsman brand. Western Tool and Stamping was eventually bought by AMF which can be found elsewhere on this page.