17 HMR Ammunition - thegunsource. com The . 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) cartridge is popular among many hunters and shooters for its exceptionally flat trajectory and incredible accuracy.

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A necked down version of the . 22 Magnum cartridge, . 17 HMR ammunition is designed to work in many of the most popular hunting rifles. We are proud to offer you a large selection o f. 17 HMR ammunition from many of the top names such as Hornady, Federal ammunition, Winchester, CCI, Remington ammunition and more. The 17 HMR round is a rimfire rifle cartridge derived from the 22 Magnum. 17 HMR ammunition continues to sell quickly even though it is slightly more expensive than 22 Long Rifle and not as common. We specialize in stocking the most popular, top of the line 17 HMR ammunition on the market such as Federal ammunition, Winchester Ammunition, Remington Ammunition and many others.

The best choice when looking to go varmint hunting, the Federal Premium V-Shok Ammunition is perfect for use on all types of small game. Equipped with a 17 grain Hornady ® V-Max bullet in the 17 HMR caliber, the Federal Premium V-Shok Ammo is capable of reaching muzzle velocities as high as 2530 feet per second. Affordable, accurate, and reliable, the Federal Premium V-Shok Ammunition is sure to please all rimfire shooters $12.

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Powered by WorldNowBallistic Trajectory Chart and Calculator - ShootersCalculator.com ... With Varmint Al's Field Testing The 17 HMR diameter barrels and bullets being virtually unavailable at the time (the 5mm RMR was the last commercial 5mm round until the 2004 release of the centerfire Ammo Roundup: .17 HMR), the commercially available .
17 caliber became their bullet of choice. The . 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire was the logical parent case, rather than 5mm RMR (with its unique case head size, which requires a significantly different bolt and magazine), because it was commonly available, and it is a far larger and stronger case than the next largest Sweet Series Scopes with trajectory compensation system | BSA ....