This publication was prepared by the Firearms Technology Branch to help you in identifying weapons classified as firearms (including destructive devices) under Title 26.

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This may also be cited as the “National Firearms Act. ” under the national firearms act (title II of the gun control act of 1968). Selector switch permits firing of weapon either as a semi or full automatic weapon. The original Model 1927, while semiautomatic only, is still classified as a Title II firearm because of its machine gun receiver and short barrel. The Thompson Model 1927A1-A5 firearms manufactured by Auto Ordnance, West Hurley, New York are classified as Title I firearms. Selector switch permits firing of weapon either as a semi or full automatic weapon.

M-1 Carbines altered by substitution of M-2 kits to permit automatic fire are also machine guns. Carbine receivers marked M-2 are machine guns, even though they may only be capable of semiautomatic fire. This is the M-14 Rifle. It generally can be distinguished from the M1 by shoulder plate, magazine and flash hider. The forestock is also different from that found on the M-1. The Selector Switch on the M-14 Machine Gun is located on the right rear side of the receiver, just above the trigger.

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    All M-14's which are so marked are Machine Guns whether or not equipped with a Selector Switch.
    The Model M-IA rifle manufactured by the Springfield Armory, San Antonio, Texas or Geneseo, Illinois, is similar in appearance to the M-14 with the exception of not having a selector, it is NOT a machine gun.
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    The M-1A is a Title I weapon. Selective fire weapon. May be encountered with or without bayonet, with wooden stock or folding metal stock.
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    Used by Soviet Bloc countries and may be designated also as , TARIQ (IRAQ) depending on the country of origin.
    Commercial semi-automatic variations are currently being imported s and are NOT classified as machine guns. Selector switch on side of frame permits either full or semi-automatic fire.
    Mauser Machine Pistol, 7. 63mm (. 3Ocal. ) The selector switch on the left side of frame permits full or semi-automatic fire; this weapon is usually accompanied by a wooden holster which is capable of attachment as a shoulder stock.
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    However, with or without the attachable shoulder stock, this weapon is a machine gun.
    Can be fired fully automatic by manipulation of safety lever during firing of weapon. Colt M16, Model 614, 5.
    56mm Machine Gun Selective fire weapon as manufactured by Colt for the U. S. Military, law enforcement, and off shore sales.

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    May encounter various model designations along with “Property of U.
    S. Gov’t. ” Semi-automatic version designated Model SP1, . 223 caliber, with a two position selector.
    Ingram M-1O, . 45cal. Machine Gun Selector lever on left side of receiver permits either full or semi-automatic fire.
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    Full automatic fire. Internal components altered to allow automatic fire only.
    Sionics Type Kit Silencer attached. $200. 00 – Machine Gun; $200. 00 – Silencer Overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length.
    Both stock and barrel altered. Shotgun having a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length. Barrel less than 18 inches and/or overall length less than 26 inches, stock altered, barrel cut down.